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The IDEATS have spoken...

A huge glowing thank you to the community that is Ideat Village!... There were so many excellent artists and musicians, and just plain diverse and unique happenings. -- Jenn Dauphinais

Spontaneous Art

I stopped in on the Village several times and was never disappointed. The art was beautiful, the vibe relaxed, and the music was mostly spectacular... It was beautiful. I'd like to see something like that happen more often! -- Vic Edgarton

Karen Johnson

Ideat Village gave me that gospel feeling right down in my soul and I swelled up with admiration and, yes, awe over what a few dedicated individuals can accomplish with a puny budget and a big vision, and how the spark of intelligence and ambition can catch fire and inspire so many others. -- Todd Lyon

Hindu girls

DJ Real

Just wanted to say thanks from the Battlecats, we had a ball. It was a great time and really exceptional to see all those mainly UNfamiliar faces on the scene..... -- Love, Christina from the Battlecats

Enjoyed your show... I'd like to be kept up to date with more shows. I'm an artist and would like to get involved. -- Pat Haley

Floatin' Fred

Congrats on an absolutely raging success! Thanks for the opportunity to perform... Thanks is too small a word, so I've invented a new one - greatgratitudankyoofullnosit! -- Andrew Spurrier
Galileo kids

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