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New York Love Story?

Harper and Parker are truly in love. As a young couple living and loving in New York City, their story couldn’t be more cliché. Everything seems to be going so well until the playwright crafting their story encounters some serious writer’s block. The writer discusses the course of the play with his two lead characters, hoping to find a way to continue their story, but may discover he is a hack in the process.

My Best Friend Tim

A young couple thinks they have found their dream home in Beverly Hills. The price is low, the décor is charming, and the realtor seems quite eager to sell. There is one problem though: A strange character named Tim is trying to destroy the house! Even a low price might not be enough to sell this beautiful, dangerous, and possibly haunted mansion.

Seventh Inning Stretch

Three guys at a baseball game discuss which of them is more proficient at picking up women. As all three consider vying for the affections of a cute girl two rows down, they learn a few things about what it means to be a “player”.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Two "Teenagers" wind up in a cramped closet by what the girl thinks is a twist of fate. However she comes to find out the the guy has gone out of his way to awkwardly spend seven minutes with the girl that he loves.

Casting Couch - A Modern Fable

Just what does it take to get the role of a lifetime? Three actors are about to find out. Two casting directors are searching for the next big talent to take on the dream role of Hedda Gabler, only to find out that auditions can be a hilariously difficult challenge. As the three separate auditions occur simultaneously on stage, it becomes clear that while many auditions are routine, some people really do know how to stand out.