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Arts and Music Festival
Brought to you by New Haven's most creative VILLAGE IDEATS

Ideat Village IX... Revolution Number 9

Saturday, June 12th thru Sunday June 27th, 2010

The old classics will be back, including ORBIT Gallery, the IV Film Festival, and our original live
pop culture spoof competitions: American Ideat, Iron Painter and Project Walkway, plus much more.

IV IX kicks off with three very different fundraising events... there's something for everyone.

Thursday, May 20th -- Exclusive Double Feature Movie Night.

Saturday, May 20th -- Special Limited-seating Cabaret and Dining.

Saturday, June 5th -- Annual Cafe Nine Rock Show and "Chinese Auction".

Help support Ideat Village.   The festival's only funding is through community goodwill.

Watch for information on festival events and schedules, coming soon

for more information
e-mail ideat village

For a trip down memory lane to last year's Ideat Village events, click here
click here to take a little five minute video stroll through
the plaza, day #2 of  the 2009 NEW New Haven Street Festival.