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Whaddya lookin' at?


The Land of College Prophets (Hale Manor Collective)

An Evil well within the town of Pharisee takes over corrupting the mind of society.Tommy and Rye are college students at Robinson College and with local thug, Irish gangster Jonah Joe, they fight the 'well that ate children' to find out if man can fix its own mistakes. It's a fight club with a healthy dose of liberal arts theorizing, fused with ironic and creative obscene one-liners. Winner Best Picture - New Haven Underground Film Festival Starring Carmine Capobianco (Psychos in Love) and Thomas Edward Seymour (Bikini Blood Bath)

ICONS (Neal Thomassen)

Santa Claus (Nick) who is recently separated from his wife, is currently living with his best friend who is a pumpkin named Jack. After interviewing possible roommates, Santa chooses the Easter Bunny (Peter) and Cupid (Rose) to live with him.The situation turns difficult when they need to raise money fast to pay the Reaper (Tax Man) on back taxes owed for the greeting card tax. Starring Dick Boland (London Betty), Kris Keyes.

Stick around after the movies for an exciting new IV event:  The Rock Lottery.