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Scavenger Hunt Rules and Registration Information


Registration begins at noon, at Temple Plaza, and continues all day -- obviously, the earlier you sign up, the more time you will have to complete your mission.

You may compete individually or in teams of two or three. Scores will be weighted, based on how many people are on a team (so, it may not be to your advantage to add that third person).

All items (over 100!) can be found within the New Haven city limits. Some may take a bit of creativity, but there is a valid solution for each task.

You might want to bring the following:

Digital camera
Bicycle (or other transportation)
Scrap paper or note pad and pen
Petty cash
Art / craft supplies
New Haven street map
Tote bag
Thinking cap

The list includes plenty of self-explanatory items, but there are also some that will require some logical deduction, reading between the lines, navigation skills, ability to keep your eyes wide open, and ability to do simple math... you might want to make sure your team has at least one brainiac.

Important: Teams must return to Temple Plaza with their stuff by 5:30 or risk disqualification.

Scoring: Each item will be worth from 1 to 5 points. Partial credit may be granted for some items (for example, a photo of the item instead of the real thing). Full or partial credit for each item is granted at the judges' sole discretion (whining or bribery will not get you extra points). If you really WOW us (the judges) with your creativity, we may even award extra points!

There will also be bonus questions worth big points and, although not mandatory, participating in the games course can significantly add to your point total.

Winners will be announced at the IVVI Finale at the GPSCY.

Good Luck, Ideats!