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ATTENTION... we still have an APB out for the missing plastic chicken!!

Sadly, the Ideat Village chicken disappeared last year from Temple Plaza some time between 8 and 10 pm on Saturday June 25th.
It has been a sad and lonely winter without it.

One of the last times the chicken was seen (in an official capacity) was with American Ideat runner-up, Leslie, during her performance.

click for full image

Please help us find our missing mascot!
Contact the chicken hotline with any leads.
(All information will be held in strict confidence)

Study the photos provided... they will help in making a positive ID.
(Note: we're not sure whether the chicken was abducted with or without legs)

(click for larger image)

A heartfelt plea to the chicken rustler(s):

As you can see, in the absense of the chicken, all we've got is a dodo bird for a mascot this year.
Please return the chicken -- drop it off at any Ideat Village event (discreetly, if you want).
No questions will be asked.

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