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Arts and Music Festival
Brought to you by New Haven's most creative VILLAGE IDEATS

Thanks to all of the performers and other participants who helped make this year's IDEAT VILLAGE the best yet!

We will be updating the web site over the next few weeks with a detailed account of the wildly successful American Ideat competition.

In the meantime, enjoy some photos of the Fashionista Fashion Show as well as photos taken by Fred on June 18th and June 25th and by Randy from Ultra Radio on June 18th (click photo archive, then Ideat Village 2005) and during the American Ideat semi-finals (click photo archive, then Hard Drive Live)

URGENT... an APB is out for the plastic chicken!!

Sadly, the Ideat Village chicken disappeared from Temple Plaza some time between 8 and 10 pm on Saturday June 25th.

One of the last times the chicken was seen (in an official capacity) was with American Ideat runner-up, Leslie, during her performance.

click for full image

Please help us find our missing mascot!
Contact the chicken hotline with any leads.
(All information will be held in strict confidence)

Study the photos provided... they will help in making a positive ID.
(Note: we're not sure whether the chicken was abducted with or without legs)

(click for larger image)


Friday, June 10th IV Kick-off Party at Cafe Nine

Sunday, June 12th: Poetry Smackdown with American Ideat tryouts (AI schedule info)

Wednesday, June 15th: American Ideat tryouts (AI schedule info)

Saturday, June 18th (day): Electronic/fashion/freak show/carnival with American Ideat tryouts (AI schedule info)

Saturday, June 18th (night): Rock & Roll Alfresco

Sunday, June 19th: American Ideat tryouts (AI schedule info)

Wednesday, June 22nd: American Ideat SEMI-FINALS (AI schedule info)

Thursday, June 23rd: Ideat Village Movie Night

Saturday, June 25th: Music and interactive art with American Ideat FINAL (AI schedule info)

for more information
e-mail ideat village