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Hey! Artists!

Show your work to the ART-STARVED masses


Gallery 29

Community Art Exhibition

Painters, sculptors, photographers, sketchers, etchers and pigment tossers of all stripes

NO Censorship NO Fees NO Judges NO Restrictions NO Shit

All media, content and statements encouraged

Free-form outdoor "gallery" space will be available for
all VILLAGE IDEATS all day on Saturday June 24th

The basic framework for hanging will be provided (wire along the fencing, etc.), however each artist will need to be responsible for individual display requirements -- especially if the requirements are particularly unusual, weird or labor-intensive.

Bring your art for an hour or for the entire day.
Art drop off begins at 11:00 am.

All art work must be removed from Temple Plaza
by 5:30 pm on June 18th and 9:30 pm on June 25th.

For more information: e-mail