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so far, it looks like you can expect to see the likes of these ideats again...

  the Vultures the Battlecats the Swaggerts

Doctor Dark the Beer Scouts Groovski

  Monkey Power Records Connecticut Ultra Radio

Steve Bellwood the Trollops Atrina

  Floatin' Fred Travis Moody and Andy Gray

  Elevator Music special guests Gene Gnome

Lamb Bombs Presidential Targets Exit Terra

Deuce Frehley High Lonesome Plains Billy K

Al Raebuck Shawn Persinger Goose Lane

Disaster Party Mr. Don't Move Human Massive

Disaster Party Mr. Don't Move Human Massive

Jefferson Lincolnson Kriss Santala

Bourgeois Heroes a new play by Leslie Blatteau

Akoustic Grooves Tyler Trudeau and the Attempt

Blue Rose Liar Hott Love Media Circus