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" With a Road map to Peace and directions to TEMPLE STREET PLAZA the DADAIST Nomads will make IDEAT VILLAGE their home on June 21st and 22nd, 2003" according to an undisclosed source. For the first time in American history there will be a DADAIST PAVILION at IDEAT VILLAGE. The Dadaist will be dressed in plain-clothes and were requested to blend in with other villagers milling about. " This will calm our Homeland Security fears and lower the threat level" stated Under-Secretary Freddy Frylicker.

The modern day Dadaist has descended from THE DADAIST INVASION OF LIGHTHOUSE PARK on August. 27,1988. Some have stayed on and sleep under the carousal to this day. In 1995 the Bohemian New Haven sector moved their headquarters to HOME OF THE SPILT HOT DOG (West Haven). Today Dadaist are spread throughout Connecticut except for Plottsville.

Among the Dadaist Dignitaries will be THE GRAND POO PA DA DA Doug Danger. Mr. Danger will be showing video scraps from his T. V. show DA DA T. V. formerly on C.T.V. and currently on SKY CABLE. Todays enigma is DA DA T. V. but DA DA T. V dates back to the Ancient Hebrews and was related to the Hittites. It's true literal meaning is "HOMELESS DOG WITH PAPERS" . In later century family members when disgusted would say "TO YOU - MAY YOU DA DA T. V."

Besides showing dadaist videos, Doug invites anyone to bring a weird video to the DADAIST PAVILION to pop into the VCR and show to the Masses. During the Festivities Doug Danger will be shooting the documentary ' BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE VILLAGE- THE MAKING OF AN IDEAT '

Don't miss this once in a life time event THE DADAIST PAVILION AT IDEAT VILLAGE! Watch a video and become a VIDEAT.

For more information - the dadaist don't have a web site or even e-mail "We don't even own a computer" said Dadaist Ralph Bedoink. Look under the carousal at LIGHT HOUSE PARK.