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The last IDEAT VILLAGE will feature
a number of performers who have
never before played the IDEAT STAGE.

Check Saturday's schedule for details.

You can also see some of your
favorite Ideat Village veterans at the
fundraising music marathon
7 hours, 9 Bands*

Friday, June 18th at CAFE NINE 7 p.m.- 2 a.m.

  the Sawtelles the Cryptones Murder Van

  Hott Love Defcon 5* Deep City Elm

  the Trollops* Fighting Cocks the Vultures*

Deuce Frehley Band* Kimono Draggin* Lone Tart

Pangea Pencilgrass Felonious Drunks

Dark Horse Strike the Colors * the Gene Gnomes*

Jeff Spalter Groovski* Short Pants Romance

the Whipping Boys Doctor Dark* Guilia

Sarah & Mya's Burlesque Show Long Shadows

  Sugarfist Monica Brase Daneo the video poet

  Boxcar Pilgrims the Shellye Valauskas Experience

Horsefeathers Goose Lane James Conrad